Spent two days swimming in a turquoise volcanic crater in Laguna de Apoyo, here are my writings from bed:

Mirador. Santa Catarina, Nicaragua. Crawled up at 5:30am and stumbled up without breakfast, two and a half hours into jungle mud, rocks and tropical fauna on a steaming hot Central American morning. Laura and I, navigating rocks and slippery edges, so muddy was the trail that Laura completely took off her shoes and went barefoot in mud. It’s hot, sweaty, with fleshy thick leaves dripping warm rain dew. We heard some birds, some wildlife but mostly our own heaving exhaling in the early morning. The pathway was steep and savage, our energy quickly depleting as we continued forward. When we got the very top, drenched in sweat, the greatest reward wasn’t a view of the crater lake nor the volcanoes—it was the autumn wind that rushed past, like a wind tunnel between trees.”


Crater’s Edge. Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua. The six kilometers of fresh water lay before us sprawled in its cobalt beauty. Swimming in it with friends, the cool water feels so nice, kicking past the thermal vents and the lakebed dropping ten meters and deeper. There are calm, orange and grey colored fish just below the surface, and gathering around the dock. Sometimes, with only us in the whole big crater lake, the sulfured water was so unstirred that the upper torso would be warm and it would be cold waist down. Swimming in the water, I am so comfortable with my body. I notice it is so able, so healthy, so glowing with the vigor of youth. A magnificent mechanism, totally utilitarian, a golden tone of a slight tan, no wrinkles except those on my toes from being in the water a while. I swim to the edge of another lodge, submerge myself to touch the rocky limestone floor, and exhale into bubbles coming up. I breathe deeply, feeling the gradation of cool temperatures glide against my skin. Backstroke, staring at the thundering grey clouds, embracing the stream of water between my kicking legs. It starts to rain warmly and pour over the lake—all the drops look unreal–and I am aware I am in a special moment in life. Awake, energetic, and so alive. Oh let me not take this for granted. Let me savor this. Such vibrant blue and clear waters, such pristine swet water. Hair dripping down my back. I submerge again, sink my head under the peaceful surface, to hear the reverberating echos under the prismatic surface of the placid lake, fishes I have never seen before. This is heaven on earth. I hope my weekends always stay as idyllic, and my heart remains childlike for a long time.”


PS: No recent “Spanish Words of the Day” as I am trying to learn the local accent, and all these new words for normal everyday things, as well as slang in Central America.