Remarkable, how this part of Nicaragua looks like the fertile savannahs of Tanzania. It is plains of verdant green and wide spaces with thatched huts, backed by mountains of azure that rise into the misty fog. It looks like a dream: warm, lush, verdant forest green and then lemongrass colours as far as the eye can see. Tropical rains come suddenly and showers the trees with its gift of warm water. Tierra desconocida, but so beautiful that it draws me to return again and again.

Nicaragua: land of volcanoes and vast lakes, largest country of Central America, and perhaps the place to breathe deeply and think of things because the earth is so fertile and productive your imagination becomes incensed. Nicaragua is the wild rugged west, child of the Sandanist revolutionaries, to killing fields, the dictatorships, such rich history and a place I could spend months relishing in…exploring. Tasting Nicaragua.

I feel so healthy here, vibrant even. Alive. My body pulses to the landscape with invigored energy to climb its volcanoes, to taste its downpour rain, to walk its colonial streets. Just being here, (finally here!) riding on the back of trucks, and feeling the warm Caribbean air on my skin, from coffee estancias to banana plantations. Visiting friends. There is a magnificent sunrise deep inside my soul radiating. I just love how this smile is barely kept from my face:

I am young, I am glorious. I am.


Spanish Words of the Day: halcón” falcon / “grandulóna” big guy / “pocilga” pigsty / “arcilla” clay