I saw some jacaranda trees amidst the hanging potted fern today. And I remembered Aprils years back on the college campus when all the trees were raining light purple flowers for weeks, the breeze would rain jacaranda flowers eveywhere and under the trees, and the grass was covered with crushed soft purple. Those were timeless moments.

…In the hot afternoons, I am reading one book on the historic USA involvement in Central America… and another exemplifying Zen philosophies and teachinges. On one hand, reading about North American intervention and political stronghold in a region that most Americans barely understand. The other book, a collection of oriental parables in which tranquility and composed response to loss and disappointment. The combination of reading both is a feeling of enlightenment and wisdom, not just in aggregating knowledge but how we respond to some of the most cruel and brutal violence that man is capable of. But also maintaining moderation and integrity in the midst of atrocious chaos.

And its funny, whenever I start to be cynical and negative about life, it always seems that there are examples of goodness that pop into my life. That people really do help you out, that strangers do care about you, that examples of kindness are never far.


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