This morning was bland, and I was in a funk, feeling disillusioned about the world I was living in.

But then I realized something: what else could this mean? If I could make every ordinary thing more sacred to me… if I could infuse rituals and honor people’s time and take care of things out of husbandry…find wisdom and spirituality in normal things I see every day…not only is life much more venerable, but I also feel more refreshed and more capable to appreciate.

So I searched the local market buying specific bouquets for the house, not as dead decoration, but intently to exalt their plant beauty and breathe life into a home. And I found a friend and decided to invite her to sit by the fire, and really enjoyed the warmth of her company. Then I made a point to listen to the rain for a while. And even though it was the very same rain that made me soaked and cold during the morning, now… the pitter-patter and the puddles, it was a miracle gift from the clouded skies. And the day was special.


I really like this place, please click for full view.

Dramatic Rain Clouds

A Curios Vendor | Cañon del Sumidero

Tropical Flatlands | Soaring Birds-Eye-View (Falcon)

A view of the Chiapas plateau | Morning Rain in San Cristobal

Stretching landscape | Along the Highway


Spanish Words of the Day:interminable” endless | “padrazo” loving father | “seguimiento” followup | “a lo largo” all throughout