No hay nostalgia peor que añorar lo que nunca jamás sucedió.” — Joaquín Sabina

That remarkable voice. In the tiny corner of El Fogón de Jovél she leaned into the mic and strummed her guitar with her friend, so unassuming that I hadn’t even seen them and had instead asked the waiter for a copy of this marvelous disk, but then noticed as he pointed to the corner, it was her living and breathing voice and his gentle strumming, that held us all captive. A few minutes that achieved immortality. Now I can’t stop thinking about her song.

A local woman with an unassuming demeanor, but the phenomenal instrument that was in her soul, a siren that could draw us closer and closer to the flame…it encapsulated the moment… and I wondered about the inside her, what had happened in her life to give her such melancholy and compelling melody.

The song of loss and farewell.
That voice of nostalgia resonated, and throughout dinner it brought us to the very heart of Mexico: verdant pine mountains and the corn fields and the valleys with clusters of peasant homes. It reminded me of the romantic landscape of Chiapas, and how I might feel on the bus when I leave town.

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La vida sin amor no vale nada;
La justicia sin amor, te hace duro;
La inteligencia sin amor, te hace hipócrita;
La fe sin amor, te hace fanático

— Madre Teresa de Calcuta

La capacidad de asombro es lo que salva al ser humano de ser una máquina.
— Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Spanish Words of the Day: “Caperucita y El Lobo” Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf | “babero” bib | “sobreoferta” over availability | “encarecer” to increase in price or value | “recurrir” to turn to, to appeal