Molletes, my breakfast today

…I wonder if it’s all a politically correct machine: They say that it’s “ethnocentric” to believe there are “good” cultures and “bad” cultures. That all cultures are neutral and we can’t judge them, but only from my subjective opinion do bad cultures exist. That using this universalist perspective, we cannot demand cultures to change themselves because morally, who are we to determine that their culture totally sucks?

But isn’t culture just your general attitudes toward the world, religion and environment and how you behave on an everyday basis? I’m not talking about race and ethnicity, I’m talking about how a group of people behave.

And why do some feel that it’s wrong to say that certain cultures are terrible. Certain cultures have problems that has got to change. What about drug culture? Ghetto projects culture? What if one cultures behaviors are so unproductive and improvident and dependent on the rest of us for sustanence that its impoverished people die from gunshot wounds and fiercely use up all the common resources and has so much delinquencies and universally undesired traits that it drains upon another, more well governed culture? What if one culture consistently has high mortality rates and low life expectancies because of the stupid idiotic and violent things they’re doing? (And is it really “ethnocentric” if I admit that some parts of my own culture also sucks, and needs to change? Debt culture in America? Obesity culture?)

Of course there are bad cultures!

Street view from my cafe

The mind of every man, in a longer or shorter time, returns to its natural and usual state of tranquility. In prosperity, after a certain time, it falls back to that state. In adversity, after a certain time, it rises up to it.” – Adam Smith, Theory of Moral Sentiments


Spanish Words of the Day: lechónes” piglets | “ser la naquez, ser naco” to feel superior for having money, going to a privileged school, not giving back, superficial | “changarro” Mexican stall