Bits & Pieces: Panorama of San Cristobal

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Translated an interesting article all morning, then did my laundry. At 1pm, met with Felipe for lunch and went to the Museo Na Bolom to examine artifacts and specimens from the Tzotzil and Lacandon Mayan peoples from hundreds of years ago. There were so many rooms of things to see! Franz and Gertrude Blom were explorers/historians/anthropologists/archeologists who studied at Harvard University, then had expeditions funded by American societies in San Antonio and New York. They have an inspiring anthropological collection that dates pottery back several thousands of years, and metalwork and ceramic arts to several hundred. I especially admired the black & white photography exhibit.

Later we had afternoon coffee and cookies in the pleasant veranda at Agapandos, staying out of the rain. He talked about living in Korea, and Kenya… we may go to Guatemala together since he doesn’t speak Spanish, and things are always more fascinating when someone already knows the place. Not long after, I saw an elderly French couple who lost their way, so I accompanied them on a walking tour around Cuxtitali and to their destination. They’ll visit the ruins of Palenque tomorrow. Finally, I visited Taller Leñateros to say hello to everybody, and gave a talk to some tourists and inspire them to give some donations and purchase gifts. Loxa looks attractive and elegant as always, in her traditional Mayan embroideries and braids.

Tonight I am responsible for cheesecake dessert for a warm get-together at my house, we have already prepared the wines and cheeses and cured meats. On the weekend I am invited to two parties. Disappointed I won’t be able to attend the final showing of Palenque Rojo, Paco is a brilliant actor.

“Talk of the Town” | Jack Johnson

I want to be where the talk of the town
Is about last night when the sun went down
And the trees all dance
And the warm wind blows in that same old sound
And the water below gives a gift to the sky
And the clouds give back every time they cry
And make the grass grow green beneath my toes
And if the sun comes out I’ll paint a picture all about
The colors I’ve been dreaming of the hours just don’t seem enough
To put it all together, maybe it’s as strange as it seems
And the trouble I find is that the trouble finds me
It’s a part of my mind it begins with a dream
And a feeling I get when I look and I see
That this world is a puzzle, I’ll find all of the pieces
And put it all together, and then I’ll rearrange it. I’ll follow it forever


Spanish Words of the Day:dar realce a algo” to enhance or add luster to something | “transcurrir” to pass by, to take place | “lidiar” battle, fight with, to cope with | “sobreponerse” to overlap | “acotado” limited, enclosed