…To wake up to glorious cloudscapes in the mornings. Isn’t this what makes life worth living? The rain is falling and it makes me enormously motivated and concentrated to finish my work. But first! Let me procrastinate by posting on my photo blog.


…The human potential has no limits. What a person can do with his or her body, his or her mind, together with the concentration of willpower and a relentless pursuit of excellence can produce marvelous feats of acrobatics, athletic performance, and exquisite inventions. Watching the Olympics produces such a strong, resonating conviction in me that, if every four years young athletes prove that they can surpass world records that seemed unbeatable before… then what does that imply for the entire human race? It’s inevitable that things keep getting better and the mind keeps getting sharper with each successive generation. Is it not demonstrating the case for each one of us to improve upon the benchmark set by our predecessors, that instead of worrying and criticizing each other, we ought to be setting new remarkable standards in the frontiers of achievement? Challenge me.

… Whether in ethics, in performance, the process of workmanship or simply in the designs we produce… putting in that extra effort to strive for excellence makes us distinguished. Maybe even within the blog I write. Something a little extra- from -ordinary. Part of the human capacity for delight, joy, pride, and character comes from surpassing a personal best… and if you can combine that with increasing the lot of the have-not’s, well you sleep even better at night: very satisfied. It is in that philosophy that I find myself committed to philanthropic projects in developing countries that involve challenges such as language barriers, behavioral adaptations, being way from friends and family, and orienting to new conditions.


Spanish Words of the Day:aferrar” to anchor, to moor | “sacapuntas” pencil sharpener | “cachita, cachetón” cheeks, chubby-cheeked | “imprescindible” essential, indispensible | “afianzar” to consolidate | “echarpe” a shawl, stole