Hoje, havia um grupo de portuguesas, e fico muito feliz falar do meu trabalho e minha experiencia com elas!!!! I know it’s a bit rusty, but man when they started all speaking in the lobby, when I could talk with them and they were interested in me, (with a widescreen of the Mozambican team competing in the 100 meter sprint, Brazilians in volleyball in the Olympics in the background—forçaaaaa!!!!)… in my gut I knew.

I just had to ditch my French class and go back to Portuguese. It was like a first love: a sparkle ignited inside of me, a sudden familiarity and excitement and love I couldn’t describe, a sense of fascination and passion like when I first started. Nostalgia. All the memories of Lençois, Praia do Forte, the Catedrais in Asia. I’d rather perfect my handle on Portuguese a-hundred-thousand times over than learn basic French, which had been dragging me down. Oh Brazil, oh Goa, oh Mozambique, oh Macau, oh so many places I’d rather be than France! (And is it me, or can I generalize that the Parisians have a nasty habit of not responding to good mornings, good evenings, and somehow believe that all smiles are “fake” and friendliness have an ulterior motive?) Oh, dear dear Portuguese, sweet language and culture and everything beautiful and wonderful, how could I have ever considered forsaking you, I swear I won’t ever do it to you again…

Did I ever show you this product shoot? I forgot:

All aglow in the work” — Virgil


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