My mind is becoming overwhelmed by details of working with an indigenous Mayan cooperative, I’m switching gears and focusing on photo shoots.

Well my body finally gave in. After consuming spoiled potatoes, an ugly scenario of vomiting and fever and cold sweat came over me, and I laid exhausted bed for the rest of the afternoon… thinking, when I wasn’t incapacitated by excruciating pain. It is in times of horrid illness in developing regions, that thoughts my life plan, what I’m willing to sacrifice and endure for my values, thoughts start sinking in. And feeling the vulnerability of your mortality, I considered what really matters… what changes needed to happen. This week: $25,255 in store + $13,354 in city and misc., so $38,609 total. Expenditures seem clear and straightforward. I had been indecisive whether to remain working with Taller Leñateros, *or* to increase my focused sales target to ~$7000 per day, roughly $50,000 a week.

Truth is, when there’s so many questions in my head about the hemorrhaging trends of our financial situation and accounting is delayed and occulted by several of the decision-makers, my gut feels something sketch is going on with governance. $900 last week for telephone, $1800 for cell phone calls. The Mayan manual labor that comprise of the bottom salary levels has not changed, they are not benefiting directly, besides the fact that they can keep having a job at sub-minimum wage. No amount of income or raised sales is going to rectify an organization that is mismanaged. In fact, it does a lot of damage.

A-n-y-w-a-y, yeah I’m still recovering. Today I was treated so kindly by the chef of Casa Vieja, and then there was the totally genuine and random act of kindness and concern at Orquidea, and it reminds me of the sweeter life and humility of people in this region. Chiapas is such a tender and humane place to live.


Tzotzil Words of the Day:tso” red | “yosh” green | “kon” yellow | “chi’in” purple | “ik” black | “sak” white | “tok” cloud | “ouo” rain | “ch’au” lightning

Spanish Words of the Day:cólicos de regla” menstrual cramps | “cabeza de chorlito” plover, scatterbrain | “cancha” court, field, runway