Nothing opened our eyes like that night. Eight-eight-oh-eight, the emergence of Modern China on the international stage, and I just thought about the friends in Beijing who were in the festivities. It was the most spectacular Opening Ceremony the world had ever laid their eyes on, and the presence of so many people, so many international athletes competing for such a noble and pure cause, my heart beamed.

See the Beijing Ceremonies (here) or on YouTube (here) CNN (here)

However, the ensuing comments put me in a negative mood, not just here among Mexicans but also on the Internet. Upon witnessing such breathtaking beauty the only thing most people could think of saying were snide remarks: “Well they’re earning all that money back, it’s all about money” or “That’s what you do with an extra billion people laying around” or “this government is wasting its time” some complaints about the repressive regime and autonomy. Nothing encouraging, it smacked of disaffected envy.

At dinner tonight, we commented how the suspicious management at my workplace, and the gossip and backstabbing and petty politics were actually common in Mexican enterprises. That instead of working together as a cohesive team, to surpass problems and earn profits, most Mexicans rather engage in a soap opera of criticism and put-downs, and preferring the easy life of fiestas to the one of hard work and industriousness. They joked that among cultures, the Chinese one is like the busy bee colony while the Mexican one is the grasshopper that lays in the sun and sings all day, and that’s how they prefer it.

Now, I don’t know about you.

But after working insanely (alone) for 10 to 12+ hour days to achieve sustainability and economic prosperity for a project, bringing in revenue, these kind of comments make me feel like if globalization and competitive forces clobber certain segments of the population, and poverty persists in these areas, they had it coming to them. At what point do we say that certain people deserve their own destitute demise, no matter how sympathetic we have been? At what point do we say, equality is not possible for people who don’t have the initiative or ambition and the right attitude to support each other? How are we going to feel sorry or want to help, if during non-crisis times there are people who deliberately don’t prepare or put themselves through rigorousness of discipline, rather… engage in putting their fellow man down? In a world of increasing globalization and inter-dependency, they will either have to be protected/subsidized by the government (as the aboriginal pygmies of Australia) or they will be steamrolled by international commerce standards.

The Bill Gates and Jeff Skolls come from our society of industrious hard work where investments in society really pay off. At this moment, I sympathize with Carlos Slim aggregating billions of dollars and not wanting to contribute a cent back to his own society.

(I don’t see Mexico on this list. I see Uzbekistan, but where’s Mexico?)


Spanish Words of the Day: “intereses creados” vested interest | “aniquilar” to wipe out | “acatar” to obey, to comply with | “vindicar” to vindicate