This past week I was lucky enough to accompany the Kellogg Foundation and some colleagues to several project sites and communities in Chiapas to see empowered men and women in one of the poorest regions in Mexico. It is empowering to share my experience to board members, major corporations, and help bridge the understanding between them, and harness the power of capital and put it to work for the betterment of the wellbeing of the marginalized. Here is the photo essay:

Excellent Articles (thank you, Pragnya)

Inspiring films that moved me, or motivated me this week:


Spanish Words of the Day:alinear” to select, pick | “palomilla” moth | “macilento” to look gaunt, haggard | “garrafa” cylinder | “chascarillo” funny story | “desviar” lead astray | “machacar” to crush or grind into small pieces; also to cram for a test | “denominado” designated, the so-called | “agrandar la cancha” widening the playing field