Walking home, the weight of the continent dawned upon her, the discovery of Southern Mexico.

Geographically near to the meteorite that obliterated the dinosaurs, she noticed—honestly, she just realized (and how slowly it sunk into torpid conscience, maybe she really is naive, but suddenly dawning at this moment…) how she was in working with Mayans in tierra desconocida, the Highlands and the jungles. Oh, for conquistadores to first grasp the soil of the Americas and first savor potatoes, maize and tomatoes, if she could only have been one of them. How brave, how testarudos y audáz, to peer beyond their ordinary world and uncover the extraordinary, a civilization history of 14,000 years.

Look up at the constellations, and let the imagination roam. When they first saw the gleaming astronomy of the infinite skies, over five hundred years ago when things even then were primitive. Oh, the weight of her smallness and mortality dawns upon her… the difficulties of her day melt away, dissolving into astonishment. Could she do nothing but to inhale it all in? Imagine: She is so infinitesimally tiny, yet integrally part of it all. All the molecules stir inside her being, awakened by a magical spell, as if that mere suggestion, the slight notion of exploring the unconventional and her own possibilities created a magnetic aura inside her and a tumultuous storm of irrepressible joy. Her mind recreates the enormity of this American topographic continent, and the volcanic mountains that rise between the Atlantic and Pacific. The grandeur of a panorama view from orbit: no borders, no time, only the specks of clouds and that gigantic land called the Americas.

And then momentarily, the endless to-do list of the exhausting, scattered and mundane: That letter to the UN Special Reporter to edit. Those sales to close and account for. Finish transcribing the text, confirm appointments. More photo sessions of products. Respond emails and compose a few more. Never mind, never mind. Keep walking…

And the glimpse of scraggly vines emerging through the unlikely crevasse of rocks is a transfusion of hope, they blossom into magnificent daisies. What vivid symbolism from scant nothingness: perserverance, beauty, dignity and grace. I think… I’ve just discovered a new conduit of strength inside myself, and that gives me tremendous satisfaction.

Pass the mud puddles and the broken asphalt on the way to another day of work.

Queta: La Princesa Adorada

Heissen Sie in San Cristobal de las Casas willkommen. Wir laden Sie gern ein eine kleine indianische Buchfabrik zu besuchen, die Besichtigung dauert ca eine Stunde. Die Letaneros Gewerkschaft ist eine Kooperativverlag. Wir fueren Ihnen da auf Spanisch, Englisch, Chinesisch und Franzoesisch. Alles mit Sie uns helfen koennten ist sicher willkommen.


Spanish Words of the Day, transportation: “carito, travía” trolley | “camioneta” van | “camión” truck | “carito de la compra” shopping cart | “motocicleta” motorcycle | “carito chocón” bumper car | “carruaje, calesa, coche de caballos” horse-drawn carriage | “cochecito, carriola” baby carriage | “vagón” wagon | “coche, carro, automóvil” car | “coche cama, bus cama” sleeping car | “furgón de equipajes” baggage car | “vagón de mercancías” freight car | “auto de carreras” racing car | “coche patrulla” squad car | “remolque” trailer