Finished a photo session for a few of our products in the afternoon, while the thunderstorms poured outside. Now, I am listening to wonderful Stan Getz jazz in the lobby of a hotel while I talk to clients.

For the inspiration dimension of this blog, I meant to pay homage to design influences from Brazil and Iceland, but today, pulling up these East Asian packaging techniques gave me so many ideas to work with. Although Gaby emailed them to me in jpeg form, I believe they might’ve originated from Tokyo’s PingMag… one of the excellent design blogs that I follow.

Click to enlarge.

If you come to me at this moment,
Your minutes will become hours.
Your hours will become days.
And your days will become a lifetime.


Spanish Words of the Day: “avistar” to catch sight of | “rocoso” rocky | “vigente” valid, current, to be in force | “avituallamiento” provisioning | “alentador” encouraging | “honkonés” Cantonese