La Jícara” is an annual work of art published by Taller Leñateros in small batches.

In the cafés along the andador near the Zócalo, I found and bought the last complete copy available of a previous limited edition magazine ($850)–the most comprehensive one made of its kind—which belongs in a museum, rare as it is prized. Its pages are full of Tzotzil Mayan and Spanish poetry, and the artwork is printed carefully by serigraphy, loaded with old letters and newspapers and postcards, with a tremendous amount of labor.

When mentioned how expensive this was, I was told that I got it tremendously undervalued… that this copy has a significance and importance that I do not yet understand. It belongs in private museum collections. Peering inside the volume, it seems like an antiquated collection of pamphlets, written poems, old photographs, letters, and things from revolutionary years… all bound in a string with a gourd.

Being one of the final copies, it is even more treasured.


Spanish Words of the Day: “copo, escamitas” flakes | “madera prensada o aglomerada” chipwood | “lanzallamas” flamethrower