The Trattoria Italiana on Avenida Belisario Dominguez has sumptuous offerings of handmade ravioli with shrimp and fish sole, paired with a savory rosemary-garlic-feta cheese sauce. I also enjoyed the toasted cacciatore with olive oil and pesto… and it made my lunch so delicious that next time I’m going to order the Emilia-Romagna tagliatelle with pine nuts and orange essence oil. Federica and her mother are so sweet it almost makes me want to visit Italy. Almost. I finished the day with an appointment at Salon Tania, with a new haircut and styling, which promptly got ruined by the intense rain. At the Posada Real de Chiapas, I also met up with some clients I had known before, and it was a very amicable conversation and I enjoyed their company tremendously.

I’ve moved to my new residence in San Cristobal de las Casas, we are in Barrio de Cuxtitali, and here is my staying place. ¿Cómo lo ves?

Telescope and Study.

Dining table and our work desk. We often start up the fireplace in the chimney.

Corridor with our constant companions Ciruela and Totopo. Master Suite.

The hallway to the front door, decorated with foliage and bamboo.

Master suite, where we have ambiental music from all over the world.

The veranda with the sunroof.

Kitchen and our hearth. Amanda selected a magnificent bouquet for us.

The yard view of San Cristobal de Las Casas and mountains. Some days we have a picnic or flowery lunch outside, with lemonade and saffron seasoned rice.

Three story house on a gentle hill overlooking the city.


Spanish Words of the Day: “Montes Urales” Ural Mountains | “garúa, llovizgar” drizzle | “creer algo a machamarillo” to believe in something firmly or ardently | “los mieles de su descubrimiento” the fruit of your discovery/work | “membrillo” quince jelly