Lazy and idyllic Sunday after a difficult week of work. The hotel lobby strategies are yielding well, some $18,000 this week at Holiday Inn (alone) for working only a few hours per day in the morning. I helped teach a course for $2200, including tips. Now we just have to make the magic happen for the sales points.

I wake up thinking of ways to find $25,000+ a week for Taller Leñateros, and in San Cristobal I find that opportunities are simply veiled, but always there. It takes imagination and execution, and energy to achieve excellence and steady growth.

As a retreat and gift to myself, I got an aromatherapy holistic massage. I’m also staying for two nights at Claudia’s, a beautiful adobe sanctuary, accompanied by Queta, her adorable pug. What I love about my amiga, is that she is so tres chic, sophisticated and fabulous. Hangers full of elegant clothes and perfect stuff from all around the world. She’s the one I go out to try fancy restaurants and artisan chocolate places and talk about business strategy with.

I know, I know, I’m doing poverty development and it’s not that I can’t adapt to the standards of the indigenous and poor. But there’s nothing wrong with the adventure of being able to rough it and get dirty in field philanthropy with villagers, and also be glam and feminine once in a while. Who ever said elegance and style had to stay separated from Third World villages?

Queta and the living room with all her toys.

Cute things and my guest room bed. I slept nine hours today!! So good.

Beautiful curve and arch of the stairs.

Queta is looking for me. The other room.

You are in the presence of a ladies’ pad.


Spanish Words of the Day: recompensa” reward | “acotición” marginal note, liminal range | “trillar” to thresh | “acotamiento” shoulder