A place of work that permits Mayan mothers to bring cherished children is more than O.K. with me.

Rather than being a distraction to the adults, the kids create such affection and a playful attitude that it’s impossible to take things toooo seriously. Children help us discover ourselves, and help us see the extraordinary among the most ordinary things and they are so delightful. Sometimes they cry and you have to soothe them, sometimes they giggle and it makes our hearts laugh too. I love those sounds. Layer and layers and layers of imagination…

One prioritized goal in life is that when I have children of my own, they shall be the recipient of a rich repository of personal life stories. They are going to know the world with such freedom, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the Arabic parts of Sudan, the plains of Mongolia, or the Serengeti. And they will live (almost) without borders, at least live among the very privileged and the very poor, appreciate sciences and the arts, and come to know the depth and breadth of the human experience: injustice, happiness, grief, anger, and love. And you know what? I’m going to follow the footsteps of my own grandmother, and live a life worth telling tons of fascinating stories about. And I will be a grandmother that climbs trees and cannon-balls into the pool too.

Live Like You Were Dying | Tim McGraw


Spanish Words of the Day: “negligencia” negligence |”acorralar” to corner | “pulular” to abound, to swarm | “insensatez” foolishness, stupidity | “forajido” outlaw | “jocoque” Mexican yogurty cheese | “chabacano, albaricoque” fruit that looks like a peach, tastes like a mango