Before any product is made in large batches for Taller Leñateros shelves, the serigraphy department creates proofs and experiments with possible colors, designs, and folds. Here is a photo session of the week-long process of creating proofs for the new origami-inspired diametrical prints called “flexivun.”

Julio y Daniel, secando los triángulitos de pintura fresca.

Sharing knowledge and tools is one of the greatest assets of working here at Taller Leñateros. If you think about it, there is no more powerful way to raise everyone‘s skills and standard of living than pooling together inspiration, ideas and machinery.

Be Short. Be Concise.” — Karl Lagerfield (Chanel)

Spanish Words of the Day:istar” to press, to urge | “tardío” late | “queda” curfew | “cartucho” cartridge