Today… was an absolutely *perfect* day. If I could close my eyes and relive it again and again, my days would be as amazing and as privileged as this: great food, excellent company, touching moments, laughter and it was made possible by my dearest colleagues in Mexico.

It was the final goodbye luncheon for the industrial engineers, and beyond the work that we do, we’ve become good friends. Tonight, I am going to attend Diego’s DJ session at Barfly. I would like to take a moment and help you see some of the miracles that I see every single day at Taller Leñateros. Thanks to their friendship and their support, I learn and I persevere and I am inspired. Welcome to snapshots of my world in Chiapas, Mexico.

Ren, Barba, Ceci, Manolo, Paco (Francisco), Santiago, Mariana, Diego, Ana, Valerie, Pau, Javier, Santiago

Valerie, Manolo, Mariana, Santiago, Barba, Ceci, Santiago, Ren, Diego, Gaby, Javier, Sofia

Diana, como Alicia en el pais de las maravillas.

Maki, Anita, Valerie, Julio, Paulina, Carina, Antonia

Pepe, Lucio, Maki, Arely, Julio, Cristobal

Mary Carmen, Loxa, Anita, Gloria, Gaby, Amelia, Valerie, Javi, Pau


Simplest pleasures are often the ones we forsake most often.

Spanish Words of the Day, to say ok, alright: “sale” Mexicanese | “dale” Argentines | “vale” Spaniards | “vaya, pues!” Central Americans | “de acuerdo, okey, bueno” everywhere else