Centro de Capacitación Autosostentible (Self-Sustaining Training Center)

Cedeci is a Mayan skill-training center outside of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, completely supported, built, maintained by itself. In other words, it receives to aid or contribution from the government. It provides the principles of job training and its moral philosophy is primarily based on the Zapatista movement. Since many of the paper making and book-binding associates first started vocational training here, Taller Leñateros was invited for a three-course lunch and a guided walking tour of the premises.

…I have to admit I was extremely impressed (and not because we are supposedly in a poor region of Mexico and I had lowered standards or anything.) Compared to most parts of the industrialized world, this is one of the most efficiently-run, high-performing vocational centers I’ve ever seen.

The entire campus was freshly painted, swept spotless, the kitchen staff were trained to cook well, the education was very good and the philosophy of serving our fellow man was upheld. The gardens were tended well and at the time of the visit, men were involved in more construction and maintaining the place in top form. There was so much pride and dignity in it. There are many public schools in the United States and Canada that do not rival what CEDECI offered, with its well-stocked library, its artisan machinery and tools, models and well-spoken teachers. It seemed like a camp retreat in the solitary woods, and its alumni were there to help the younger apprentices. Its purpose is to strengthen the indigenous population in Chiapas, Mexico… I hope you enjoy the photo essay!

CEDECI photo gallery. Click to Enlarge.

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