Uuf what an extraordinarily frustrating day it was, I’ll explain it all in a post that describes some of the hardships of working in a social cooperative.

Delightful Blooms

But first, LOOK WHAT I GOT THIS MORNING! I am so glad that I make others happy, and I am in a mood for delighting others.

One of the most rewarding things happened yesterday: When clients come in, I get to conjure up a memorable experience for them, in English or in Spanish. I was very privileged then to show a group of Americans (and one Irishman) around Taller Leñateros and explain all the processes to make organic paper, printing techniques and bookbinding arts. Most of all, I like to talk about the machinery, the design process and the darkroom, and introduce them to all the Mayan coworkers so that nobody feels left out.

Anyway, it was so neat to meet Brett, Sanan, Julie, Julia, Aaron, and later Josie, Tom, Jazmin, Citatli, Danielle and Camille. I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn; a few wrote comments that I was “extremely inspiring“…”fascinante“… “completely changed their perspective on things”… “fun.” The new friends not only invited me to eat 2:00 lunch in which our time was too brief, but in the evening I joined Sanan and Brett for the movie “No Country For Old Men” and later we all shared bites of nopales and huaraches. Also. At the Kinoki theatre a Frenchwoman I had known from another tour kissed my cheeks telling me how unique that entire experience also was for her, and I am glad that the Mayan experience transcended across.

Petra with Fresh Bouquets Abundant Dahlias
Bundle of Joy Waiting in Bucket

Today, Sanan especially came in after work to find me, and over intelligent conversation about how to encourage people, insisted on treating me out to chocolate cheesecake dessert with hot chocolate and a mocha cappuccino and a surprise gift package for me (he told me to close my eyes, so I don’t know what it is.) The moment felt undeservedly special and ephemeral… on top of this, I received a single red rose from an admirer in the street. Don’t worry Pete, I re-gifted it later, and made someone else quite cheerful. Pay it forward, right?

All of this almost makes the constant rainy wetness and the soaking clothes mildly enjoyable, even though I still remember that glimpse of an especially dark and starry night this past week. San Cristóbal, I heart you very much. Besos.

After this exhausting day, I just want to show you my dinner of mushroom soup and tomatoes. PD: Feliz cumple, Pepe, que te llenes de alegría y felicidad. Sé que te lo disfrutarás.

Tzotzil Word of the Day:
tokaia” thank you