Kate’s yoga class makes such a difference in the morning. It is a spiritual energy and contemplative eternity compressed into ninety minutes. It is incredibly humbling and amazing to face the skies, to see beyond and into the universal galaxies, and realize (yet again) that we are only but specks.

We, our entire physical existence are merely specks of dust made of the things of nebulous clouds and magnificent combustions, and when we die we do not perish, but become that dust of stars again in the cosmos.

And so how trivial in comparison become our daily bickerings, concerns, fears, interpretations, paranoias and thoughts when we remember our inherent divinity, our sanctity, and that which is inside of us. The intrinsic and natural order of things that guide our lives. The slowness of change that ebbs and wanes, yet is inevitable. What greatness lies dormant inside all of us. We are all more capable than we realize.

Morning on Calle Manzana

Spanish Words of the Day, yoga poise and posture: “esbelto” slender, slim | “erguido” upright | “barbilla” chin | “sosegado” calm, tranquil | “tumbar espaldas” to let your shoulders fall | “pómulos” cheekbones | “aspirar” to inhale | “respiración abdomenal” deep stomach breathing | “aumentar costillas” to expand the ribcage | “rebosante” overflowing | “talones” heel of feet | “plantas” soles of feet | “pompi, nalgas” buttocks | “muñeca” wrist | “cantar, salmodiar” chant, sing psalms | “sánscrito” Sanskrit | “ayuno” fasting

Hindi:asana” posture, pose | “pranayama” breathing exercises | “dhauti” fasting

Adviento En una rosa está tu lecho, amada. A ti te he perdido. (Oh yo, nadador contra la corriente del aroma).Así como para la vida de antes estos (no medibles desde fuera) son tres meses, así, vuelto hacia dentro, empezaré a ser. De pronto, dos milenios antes de aquella nueva criatura, a la que disfrutamos, cuando empieza el tocarse, de pronto: contra ti y sobre ti naceré en la visión.” –Rainer Maria Rilke