Here at Taller Leñateros, we have a vibrant cast of Mexican students and artisans who work on projects in subgroups or “departments.” Welcome to a part of my everyday life. May I introduce to you a set of wonderful friends that I often collaborate with in the workshop.

(Photographs taken from our excursion to San Juan de Chamula. See more photos on the Picasa album.)

All of us girls (yes me too) dressed up in traditional Chamulan regalia from head to toe for the day. As we walked through this Mayan town, we looked like a coterie of geisha girls. Left to right: Arely, Pepe, Maki, Arlene, Gaby, and Valeria.

[1] Petra [2] Arlene [3] Valeria [4] Pepe [5] Maki [6] Pepe [7] Pancho con Pepe [8] Maki, Petra, Valeria, Gaby, y Arely [9] Pedro. Click to enlarge.

Arely and Maki getting their braids done.

Left to right: Valeria, Gaby, Arely, Pepe (and toddler Pancho) and Arlene.

Spanish Word of the Day:chiclet” a slang word in the capital for awesome, like ‘hella tight’.