Lunar Yoga for women [9:00am]

It was divinely spiritual…to contemplate, not think… to be integrally part of every woman…to feel the touch of her hands on your skin…to hear the song of birds and the moment so much more in a silent sanctuary…sandalwood incense…to respire and exhale our aliveness…to have no definition, no limits… to overcome difficulty in simple postures and balance… grace…to sanctify the femininity in our cuellos, caderas, espaldas, tobillos, vientre, the curves of our ribs and the straight of our abdomen …to assume a fetal posture in our cobjias while the incense lullabies…eternal, circular, rhythmic, still, ritual…to sense frailty and strength in the trembling of our muscles…her gentle hands will help align your spine…I notice the bare feet of other women against the matt, their legs stretched out… the smoothness of the movements…and how beautiful all women are when they return to their essence. My skin glows sensually, my heart softens, my fingers touch delicately, my hands can support the weight of my body. My own self is a glorious sanctuary, living and breathing, and worthy.

…In this brief eternity, I discover and pay attention to how naturally beautiful I really am (we all are).

Age melts and so does gender because we are the essence of earth. Life originates in us, courses through our capillaries, becomes perfected within us by process. The thousands of years of Mayan wisdom, also resonating within. How imperfect trees grow in spite of gravity, is how my spine rectifies against the heavy pull of the ground. The keratin in my hair are like the bound silk-spun chrysalis of moths and butterflies. We respire in unison “ommmm….shanti….shanti…shanti…” and give namaste to the day. To remain quiet, to stay still in posture: Humility, spirituality, and obediently daring.

This, not ego, is the foundation on which we shall build our greatness

Spanish Words of the Day: “cobija” blanket | “abstenerse” refrain |  “reacio” reluctant | “sabroso” savory | “crisálida” cocoon |  “hervidor” kettle