Ay, what a sweet, sweet, bittersweet, wonderful night in San Cristóbal, walking home alone and underneath such beautiful moonlight. Sharp smell of incense offering out of some antique doors, and I feel somehow eternal and transcendent. The strength that is inside of me will not extinguish tonight. Is that possible?

I watched “Amor En Los Tiempos de Cólera” with my new colleagues, and its anguish, longing and yearning is making me also feel deeply, reveling in the evening coolness. And I sing to myself: “…la potencia de mi voz, los pies con que camino…”

Shakira | Tu

The entire workshop was decorated with a blanket of pine needles today, for a special group from Texas and we had a Tzotzil ceremony and prayer performed. Perhaps before I move to Austin, I will have made all my friendships here. Many are older than me.

Not only is it so rewarding to engage people, but that clients become friends…recognize me on the streets, kiss affectionately and warmly hug me tightly, remember my name and what I said, offer me to visit their homes/hotels, and even come back to Taller Leñateros in search of me to treat me to a hot chocolate, those little things make me feel like the experience we create defines people’s intense memories here in Southern Mexico. What an indulgent honor to have their time for those short moments and transform it into something distinctive. I think that with an intriguing topic, even rather introverted people can have a magnetic effervescent quality to them that perhaps resonates with listeners.

Ay, there’s so much left to learn, particularly engraving and letterpress techniques. I have not yet seen the offset machine, and many more details. Still, it just seems like my mentors are not only willing, but enthused to make me understand things and put them into practice. In return, I am too willing to help showcase their mastery to others. I hope that you can hear my conviction when I write ( and I think there is an eternal element about writing these words) that to give of yourself this way feels so humble, so authentic, and good. It feels like you belong to them.

Spanish Words of the Day, earthy materials: “pura fibra” 100% fiber | “fibra de maguey” agave cactus fiber | “bayas de enebro” juniper berries | “hoja de pino” pine needles | “fibra al mate” mate paper, matte | “corteza de arbol” tree rinds