This photo gallery shows how Taller Leñateros makes artisan recycled paper in an organic way.

Wildflowers are gathered and deflowered by hand until only petals remain.

School papers are locally gathered for the recycling process. Water is carefully conserved.

Used cartons and white paper are liquidated into pulp with an industrial blender.

In a bin of watery fiber mush, Loxa uses a screen to collect and create a wet sheet.

Mary Carmen is sponging off carton papers on a surface.

Amelia is sponging off white paper with floral accents.

Color tints can be added. Drying takes a day and a half if it is sunny.

Spanish Words of the Day:yeso” plaster | “mecatines” | “losa” adobe, slab | “casa de paja”  straw thatched hut | “retasos” margins | “deluir” to dilute