Teofila Toronjas

As the cradle of Mesoamerican civilization, there are *hundreds* of varieties of frejol (legumes) and maíz (corn). Just as Peru has its hundreds of papas (potatoes), the markets you see infinite bales of black, blue, red, yellow, and brown species…large kernels, small kernels, and a multitude of shapes.

We eat blue tortillas, and I’m beginning to learn the difference between the word maíz (the specimen itself); elote (the tender ear of corn, eaten with mayonnaise and chile); choclo (corn kernels you serve on the table); olote (the cob); jílote (the tender part of the plant where the fruit grows) and mazorca (or the plant before it is harvested.) But one of my favorite specialties is still nopal cactus.

Tzotzil Words Of The Day:lio’te” you there? | “kech’te” enjoy your meal