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I think I have a fascination with people’s homes around here, and since I am getting to know artists, writers, sculptors… their homes almost always have a distinctive personality that I love. Unlike nice homes from California, there is a deliberate imperfection, almost a deliberate collection of mismatched things from people’s travels and personal experiences.

I can’t put a finger on it, but in these homes there are always little hodgepodge details that catch your attention, a quirkiness and also lots of natural space, natural light. For example a lot of Californian suburban homes have a specific theme, or color, or design palette, and so even though there’s a lot of things inside the homes, everything is more or less ‘expected’ to be there. Opposite here. Inside these studio homes you are always exploring, you are fiddling with things, noticing things, and being surprised and curious.

Against my better judgment of discretion, I also asked how much it costs to raise a family of four children in San Cristobal. Including a nice rustic home like this, a garden, a loft, and good food. The rent costs about $300 a month for the whole house, the rest–tuition in private school, organic foods, utility bills, and miscellaneous costs will bring it up to $1500 a month to live extremely well.

Veronica's home

This is my favorite picture of Veronica’s home. She is a jeweler who specializes in amber and turquoise.

La Comida

This is my favorite photo from Chebo’s home. He is a sculptor and carpenter.