Sorry. I mean to write more…but since arrival I haven’t been able to tweak my morning rituals to fit with my new life. Along with living more rustic means it takes that much longer to begin breakfast, that much longer to wash my clothes by hand, and that much longer to take a shower. Simple domestic tasks, such as keeping things in order, seem to take that much more work without my efficient “system” back in California. And sometimes, interruptions are too rare to pass up. I begin organizing my room or writing… and I am called to a meeting, or a sudden photo shoot, to a lunch with someone interesting, or to go out to see the rural villages.

Growing Pains:

  • Been locked in. Been locked out. It sucks being locked out when it’s pouring and cold.
  • When there are hurricane rains, the roof leaks in several places in this room, rainwater dropping onto my the center of my bed and my laptop. The leak on the rattan mat is beginning to mold from the dampness.
  • There are rats in this room. I knew fleas were biting me, but now I know they come from rats instead of the cats. How do I know? I saw tell-tale feces on my pillow (!) and by my bedstand. Gross! Need to spray every night. Also, two giant spiders have dropped on me from above. For some reason, that bothers me less.
  • Bring nine engineering students from a privileged college, opinionated artists, and impoverished indigenous associated together in one Taller, and you think it’s all collaboration, but there’s drama and cliques. One group thinks these are spoiled yuppies. The other group thinks these are aimless hippies. Sometimes with the little politics that happen, I feel like I’ve come to watch “The Apprentice.” Sometimes, I feel like the glue.
  • There’s got to be at least three posts I’ve written so far that has disappeared. I swear. Arrrgh this is frustrating!! Where’d it go? I *hate* WordPress. It was over two hours of work, I don’t want to write it all again, it was about my trips and photos in the villages…