I feel happy, I feel happy, I feel happy. Really. Happy. After our meeting and time in the Taller, and after a siesta, I went out enjoying the city with Pepe, Rejely, Arlene, and Valería. They’re about my age, and they are SO much fun.

I learned so much about Mexican privilege and poverty today. There was an incident with a school of 6th grade kids coming from Comitán that really bothered me, since they treated the Mayan associates rather like a joke. The adults were no better than the children, throwing paper around and making other people feel bad. And I resented how they treated me like some exotic toy until the moment they found out that I was rather part of the class that they wished to belong to, and then changed their behavior.

Anyway. The night continued to be full of laughter and singing. I had so much to enjoy. Valeria completely broke her umbrella. And since Pepe and I are more quiet ones, we pretended to be boring white bread, and made a human introvert sandwich with Rejely, Arlene and Valería being the ham, bacon and sausage in the middle.

Nadie quería ser el chorizo.